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Welcome to Stylish Cottage Living where you will find the unique items to decorate your cottage or cabinStylish Cottage Living is a web-based business featuring cottage / cabin furniture and décor.  It offers an on-line shopping experience with five (5) decorative styles which originate in Canada and the United States.  You will find décor styles that have a Westcoast, Rocky Mountain Rustic, Lake Country, Cape Cod or Contemporary vibe.  Where ever your cottage or cabin is located, we trust that you will find something that is unique and functional on our website.  Cottage life is about getting away from it all.  It’s about relaxation, having fun, and doing activities with family and friends.  Some of life’s best memories are made at the family cottage.    

Based in Alberta, Canada, Stylish Cottage Living features many Canadian and American manufacturers that create quality products, that offer durability, comfort and style. Whether it is a hammock, a futon bed, bunk beds for the kids, or a queen or twin sized bed, Stylish Cottage Living has what you need to provide a comfortable over-night experience for guests.  To develop your unique cottage style, Stylish Cottage Living also offers various types of furniture such as chairs, tables, benches and lamps The website also offers beautiful accents and accessories, from linens, comforters, to special dishes, carpets and wall art to personalize your cottage environment.  Whatever you are looking for, Stylish Cottage Living will have it for you.  While entertaining your family and friends, you will find some exceptional merchandise that provide a special touch to your dinners, picnic or barbeque.  Many of these products can even make great thank-you gift items.       

We have over 800 items from which to choose and we continue to expand our product lines.  We select merchandise that is unusual and specific to Westcoast, Cape Cod, Lake Country, Rocky Mountain Rustic and Contemporary styles to enhance your cottage living space with items that are often difficult to find in a local retail store.  We hope our product choices provide you with the diversity and individuality to decorate your living environment and enhance your cottage experience.    

As we receive your order, we arrange for the items to be drop-shipped directly to your door by the manufacturer.  Shipping costs will be covered for larger orders.  Most of our selected manufacturers will ship anywhere in Canada and the United States, and if they don’t, we will arrange for shipping through UPS.  Payment for all orders can be done via PayPal or by major credit card.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  We can be reached via e-mail at  contactus@stylishcottageliving.com or by telephone 1-888-671-2382. 

Your cottage experience will be enhanced by decorating your living space and making it cozier and more inviting.  It is your “happy” place.  Enjoy sprucing it up.  


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