About Stylish Cottage Living

Thank you for joining us at Stylish Cottage Living.  We are France and Doug Uffen of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  We both grew up as children exposed to cottage life in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec before we moved out west to pursue our careers in Calgary.   Some of our fondest memories are of cottage life with family and friends.  Whether it was about fishing, the campfires, jumping off the dock or watching the wildlife, the family cottage was a fun peaceful place to be. Being so close to the Rocky Mountains, it was our dream as a young couple to eventually have a place in the mountains to call our own.  This dream became reality for us ten years ago with the purchase of our own piece of paradise in Windermere, British Columbia.


While life is seemingly faster paced each year, our cottage is our “happy” place where we can unwind, relax and rejuvenate. We love to share our paradise with family and friends. It is a place where time seems to slow down magically, where there is time to chat and visit, and when there is time to make a special meal from scratch rather than ordering in.   Cottage life is all about getting away from it all.



One of our common interests in the past few years has been decorating our cottage.  Our bedrooms have a themed décor such as the bear’s den, the eagle’s nest, the moose room and the chipmunk room. In our travels we often find ourselves looking for that unusual piece to add to these rooms. We take pride in making our cottage feel warm and inviting to others by decorating it.



In February of 2018, we launched Stylish Cottage LivingStylish Cottage Living is an on-line web-based business featuring cottage and cabin furniture and décor.  The company offers five (5) decorative styles which are unique to Canada and the United States, to help you to personalize your own cabin or cottage living space.  Our five styles of décor are Westcoast, Rocky Mountain Rustic, Lake Country, Cape Cod and Contemporary.  Whether your cottage or cabin is located on the Westcoast, in the Rocky Mountains, or by a lake or the Atlantic Ocean, we trust that you will find something that is unique on our website. 



Our desire to start this on-line business was rooted in the frustrating experience of going from one retail store to another, searching and looking for that end table, lamp or futon bed that we needed or would look great at the cottage.  Too often, the retail store stocked only items that were appropriate and would sell well for the Calgary market, not for a cottage in Windermere.  We have over 800 items (and growing) to choose from that will make your cottage or cabin unique, permitting you to decorate your space in your own preferred style.  We focus upon products that are unique and often hard to find in a local retail store.         



We are hoping you enjoy our website and that you find it useful to cultivate your own creative spirit to spruce up your cottage.



France & Doug