Stylish Cottage Decor


For some decorating a home is a way to bring out their creative side, however, for others decorating a new home or even updating their current one can be an overwhelming task.  We like to keep it simple and one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to personalize your cottage decor is with items that accent and accessorize your space.  Whether it is by using wall art, sculptured objects, decorating with pillows, throws and quilts or using dishes to add that final touch when entertaining family and friends, adding decor items permits you to make your space your own inexpensively.  At Stylish Cottage Living, we feature five of the most common styles of cottage decor: Cape Cod, Lake Country, Rocky Mountain Rustic, Westcoast and Contemporary.  Many of our items can often fit into more than one style of decor so we encourage you to also review our product offering by category on the left-hand side.   

Our assortment of accents and accessories offers a wide variety of decor items that can be used to create a warm and inviting cottage home.  The idea is to decorate according to your style while not going overboard. It is easy to clutter up a small cottage space so “less is more” in this case.  Also, make sure that your decor style is cohesive throughout the home and that your design style flows seamlessly from room to room.

Art pieces are a great way to decorate a space and create a focal point for a room.  You can do this by choosing bold colors that help to bring the room together. If you are going for a more neutral color palette, try using a simple, basic artwork piece that will blend well in with the room.  Textured artwork patterns such as driftwood work well.

Dishes are not just for the kitchen and serving guests. They can also be used as decor pieces around the cottage.  You can place them on end tables or even hang them on the walls to coordinate with a decor theme. Perhaps you have a collection of vintage plates you would like to find a place for.  Feel free to showcase your vintage finds as a unique one-of-a-kind art display.

Are you looking for new linens?  We have a wide variety of styles from rustic cabin quilts to crisp white farmhouse style bedding.  Whether you are looking for serene surroundings or you like more of a rustic cottage feel, we have many options that will work well in any space.  We even have matching valances and shower curtains to provide your cottage with a beautifully integrated room.

Let’s face it pillows are great at providing a comfortable place for a nap or to relax.  They can also be great for adding a pop of color in a neutral space. These are easy and inexpensive to switch out for different seasons or holidays.  They are an instant makeover for your space. Try matching a rug with pillows & blankets to create a fun but casual atmosphere.

Stop by often to check out our new product offerings.  At Stylish Cottage Living, we love finding new and exciting styles to bring to you to fill your cottage or home!