Pillows & Blankets

Pillows & Blankets

To make a warm, inviting and cozy atmosphere, nothing is easier than having a few pillows on a chair or sofa with a blanket or comforter by the fireplace.  These are the simplest accent pieces that help you create your individual style that also has a very practical purpose.  While not only providing comfort, these items accessorize and accentuate your decor theme.  Whether it is with the use of colour, texture, imagery or written messages, pillows and blankets offer a wide range of options for decorating purposes.  We hope you find some of our suggested choices to your liking...  

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Afternoon Grazing Velura Throw

Throw   Afternoon Grazing Velura Throw from Stylish Cottage Living is super sug..


Barrington Buck Pillow 16in

Buck Pillow   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Barrington Buck Pillow perfect for the hunter..


Biederlack Collection

Soft and Snuggly Blanket   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Biederlack Collection Blanket ad..


Bill Helin Printed Velura Throw

Printed Throw   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Bill Helin Printed Velura Throw features a ..


Blue Lighthouse Decorative Throw Pillow 16in

Throw Pillow   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Blue Lighthouse Decorative Throw Pillow perf..


Blue Sloop Nautical Stripes Decorative Throw Pillow 16in

Decorative Throw Pillow   Add Stylish Cottage Livings’ Blue Sloop Nautical Stri..


Cabin Sweet Cabin Pillow

Cabin Pillow   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Cabin Sweet Cabin Pillow features the w..


Cabin Throw

Plaid Throw   Snuggle up by the fire or in bed with Stylish Cottage Livings’ Ca..


Canadian Tartan Printed Velura Throw

Velura Throw   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Canadian Tartan Printed Velura Throw ke..


Challenger Lambswool Throw

Throw   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Challenger Lambswool Throw an incredibly comfortabl..


Challenger Quillow

Throw Blanket   Challenger Quillow from Stylish Cottage Living is great to snug..


Clarissa Jacquard Pillow 14x18

Pillow   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Clarissa Jacquard Pillow will brighten up any room..


Cottage Plaid Throw

Plaid Throw   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Cottage Plaid Throw will make you feel like y..


Cumberland Moose Applique Pillow 14x22

Moose Pillow   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Cumberland Moose Applique Pillow great way t..


Darby Pillow

Stylish Pillow   Stylish Cottage Livings’ Darby Pillow looks great on a sofa, chair ..