Frequently Asked Questions




Your website defaults to Canadian dollars.  Do you ship to the United States?


Yes, we do!  Although we are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we ship all across Canada and the United States. Just toggle the currency tab to see prices quoted in US dollars.  Our prices are updated daily (the next morning) for any minor currency fluctuations for the next business day.


Are there any other fees associated with shipping or duties?


What is quoted in the check-out cart is what you pay.  We take care of the custom brokerage fees and any import duties.  Most of our suppliers are located in the United States but we have an increasing number of Canadian suppliers providing unique products.  Some shippers charge duty at the delivery address.  While this happens infrequently, simply send us a scanned receipt and we will promptly issue a cheque to you accordingly to reimburse you.  It is our policy.


What about Country of Original Origin Labeling (COOL)?  Do we have to worry about that?


No, we take care of that for you.  Our suppliers are accustomed to shipping product for us across the border.  This is dealt with through our normal course of business when we process your order.


You carry five (5) styles of cottage furniture and decor.  Can we mix and match items from different styles?


Yes you can!   You can shop by item category or by style.  Some of our style classifications are determined using colour palettes, hence a certain style of lamp, for instance, may appear in a couple of different décor styles, only in a different colour.  Personalize your space by mixing and matching items to fit your preferred style and room.   Remember, Cottage Style, is a mix of new and old items.  This blend often reflects the charm and warmth of your space.  It also is suppose to reflect you!  Whether you like to hike, ski, snowshoe, paddle, fish, go water skiing, or simply lounge around, Cottage Style should say something about you!  This is why we try to select unique items that reflect a wide variety of interests and activities that say something about you!