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February 28th, 2018


We have Launched!  This is our opening day! 

Stylish Cottage Living is now taking orders.  It has been 6 months in the making but we are now up and running.  We are launching with over 700 cottage décor items and 14 suppliers, many of whom are from the United States.  We look forward to being of service to support your decorative needs.


June 30th, 2018


We have been reaching out to new suppliers that have great products for your cottage or cabin. We continue to find new products and suppliers.  We have now crossed the “800 item” threshold on our website.  Check us out at


October 12th, 2018


We are headed to the Fall Cottage Life Show in Mississauga Ontario as we continue to look for new suppliers.  Everything you need for your cottage or cabin will be on display at the show!  Check this out.  If you cannot make it to the Toronto area, they have some regional shows as well. 


January 3rd, 2019


We have launched our social media campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  Check out our boards on Pinterest to get some great trendy ideas to decorate your cottage or cabin.


February 28th, 2019


We are one year old!  Thank you to all of you for your great support.  We have grown our product line to over 900 items and now boast over 20 suppliers.  We continue to grow the number of Canadian suppliers that we offer. 


March 3rd, 2019


Check out our new Blog site!  Stylish Cottage Living is pleased to announce that we are initiating our blog about cottage life and living.  As cottage owners ourselves for over ten years, you will find great tips and ideas ranging from how to entertain and welcome guests, dealing with ants, cottage security, gardening, rest and relaxation and the benefits of cottage life.  Cottage living is a lifestyle choice.  Some of our greatest moments in life were shared with family and friends at the family summer cottage.


March 28th, 2019


We have launched our newsletter, The Cottager!  Featuring news about our great suppliers, our activities on social media and some helpful tips about cottage living, The Cottager newsletter will be published quarterly.  Check out our first issue here.