Rocky Mountain Rustic

Rocky Mountain Rustic

Create a Charming Cottage with Rocky Mountain Rustic Decor

The character-filled Rocky Mountain rustic style is inviting from the moment you feel the warm embrace of earthy hues, oversized cozy furniture, and time-worn accents. Each element of a rustic style space lends a sense of history and charm. Rustic decor pairs well with other styles, from rustic-modern to rustic-farmhouse.  

The Rocky Mountain Rustic cottage is named for its geographic location.  Originally perceived as the log cabin, more modern versions contain bountiful elements of rustic log wood to accent the exterior and interior of the home.  Vaulted spaces often contain open wood beams, a natural river rock stone fireplace and an abundance of hardwood floors with some tile. The overall décor is simple and practical.  A natural color palette with an occasional color accent piece is often complimented by traditional wood or log furniture. Images of animal life from the mountains may accentuate the natural rustic feel of the cottage.  

From cabin-style wood paneling to supple tan leather armchairs, rustic style is all about warm, inviting colors. Take your cues from Mother Nature's neutral palette with a mix of soft grays, browns, beiges, tans, and muted blacks. For a pop of color, incorporate dusty earth tones, like brick red, adobe orange, or leafy fern green into your home. Choose mostly solid-colored pieces, then accent them with interesting textiles, like a hand-stitched quilt, Southwestern-motif pillows, or patterned area rugs. Nothing is more inviting than a quaint quilt with pillows on the sofa by the fire to accentuate the warmth of the rustic ambiance.

Weathered materials are the cornerstone of rustic style. From distressed wood and galvanized steel to broken-in leather and rugs that look slightly frayed, worn finishes evoke a homey feel, as if the house and everything in it have been around for centuries.

Start small with weathered wood frames and accent tables and move on to rustic wood floors and cabin-worthy leather chairs to complete your space. Create a collected mix of timeless accents with new pieces that already feature charming scratches and dents, or comb through antique stores and flea markets for vintage finds.  Bring the outdoors in with faux antlers or hunting trophies; plants or plant-motif wall art and nature-inspired accents.

From brick flooring to exposed wood beams to stone accent walls, architectural elements echo the natural surroundings and personality of rustic homes. Fireplaces, often covered in stone or brick, create cozy gathering spots, while metal details on stairways and lighting add an industrial feel. Lots of large windows allow the panoramic views to become a part of the decor and high ceilings create a feeling of expansiveness that reflects the great outdoors.

Remember these few distinct elements when adding Rocky Mountain Rustic decor to your home :

  • Distressed or weathered finishes
  • Soft leather furniture with simple lines
  • Rough-edged wood furniture or accents
  • Neutral and warm-toned colors
  • Hand-stitched fabrics with a rich texture
  • Exposed outdoor elements, like stone, brick, or wood

Rocky Mountain Rustic style is perfect for your cottage or country-inspired getaway.  Fill your home with charm and timeless decor then you will be well on your way to Stylish Cottage Living.

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