Home Decor Inspired By The Westcoast

The Westcoast cottage style is typical of the Pacific Northwest and the Gulf Islands west of Vancouver.  Due to the influences of the ocean and the rugged coastline, popular décor themes are seashells, various nautical and sailing motifs, as well as, driftwood.  The area is known for its sailing, crab, and salmon and hence these themes are often elements of this décor. The Haida native people make some of the most striking and memorable folk art of any region, including totem poles.  Repurposed wood and wood items are common within this décor style which often carries Asian influences that are sometimes mixed with a more contemporary theme. Due to the mild but wet winters, the Westcoast cottage often features numerous gardens and fountains.  Whale watching is a popular pastime, so that telescope is often positioned in a nook, staring out to sea.

Westcoast style is laid back with a hint of rustic charm.   With its stunning mountains and massive forests, it’s no surprise that the West Coast tends to favor a rustic style. This look can be created using many natural elements, including wood, glass, stone, and natural fibers. Another idea to bring rustic style into your home is by purchasing handcrafted furniture, which incorporates natural elements and will bring one-of-a-kind look to any room in your home.  Westcoast style is thought of as timeless with its light color palettes. The light hues allow the focus to be on the view of the gorgeous coastline.  However, we can’t forget about the importance of textures throughout the space.  These can be added through fabrics and furniture pieces.  Wicker furniture is a great addition to a Westcoast cottage and brings in not only texture but its own unique style.  It is perfect in any room of the home but also pairs well on a porch or outside space. If you enjoy a bit more modern cottage you can create a vibrant space by adding color throughout your home. You can do this with artwork, throw pillows or even upholstered chairs.  Bold colors give off a happy aura in the space while maintaining the Westcoast sophistication.  

The epitome of Westcoast style is indoor/outdoor spaces that create an inviting atmosphere to relax and enjoy with family and friends. Outdoor spaces are very important in a Westcoast cottage because not only do you spend time admiring the beautiful views, it is also the perfect setting for entertaining guests. Think fabrics, rugs, and woods in natural tones with crisp white walls – less is more in this case.  Let the outdoor landscape set the mood for your beautiful cottage and add accents that bring their beauty of the outdoors in. 

Westcoast cottage style is really how you interpret it whether you love the rustic vibe or you prefer modern sophistication, it’s up to you. Be sure to check out all of our cottage styles for additional inspiration for your home.  We have a little something for every room and every design style. We are sure you will find something you can’t live without to bring the feel of the Westcoast into your home for Stylish Cottage Living!


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