Wine Barrel Adirondack Chair

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Wine Barrel Adirondack Chair

Love the Rustic look of a Red Wine Barrel?


We've taken a single authentic, red wine barrel from Napa Valley and hand-crafted this beautiful chair from its staves. After the natural white oak is sourced from France or the USA, it spends 3-5 years in Napa Valley housing Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. In this time, the barrel loses most of it favouring profile. This is where we step in. 


    Here's your chance to bring home a piece of Wine Country! Your Deck/Patio/Dock will thank you for it!


Note that these adirondack chairs have particularly stunning and distinctive grain markings. In fact, these chairs bare the stain of the red wine that the barrel once housed.


winebarrel Beautifully Unique. Crafted from 1 Barrel.
oakbarrel Sustainably sourced from White Oak.
winebarrel Treated with linseed.
winebarrel L: 39" W: 26" H: 37"  (+/- 3")


We love the patterns and grains in these pieces, any unusual markings or imperfections simply add to their beauty and uniqueness. 


Image result for maple leaf icon png Made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Image result for maple leaf icon png

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